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buy what you need. Sell What You Don’t.


About Us.

We know that kids grow up way too fast! Why pay full price for clothes they will wear only a couple times? Consign 757 is here to help! Become a consigner and turn your kid’s outgrown clothing, toys, decor, and more into cash! Shop our sales to get on-trend clothing for a fraction of the price! Either way, we can’t wait to see you!




New Light Baptist Church

2418 Cedar Rd Chesapeake, VA 23323

Public Sale Schedule

Thursday, October 3rd:
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday, October 4th :
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday, October 5th (HALF PRICE SALE):
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Shop Early

Volunteer 8-hours or more: Shop Wed, October 3rd from 3:00 – 7:00

Volunteer 4-hours or more: Shop Wed, October 3rd from 5:00-7:00

Consignors AND Pre-Sale Pass Holders:
Shop Thursday, October 4th starts at 9:00AM

What to Bring

Cash! We do accept major credit cards, but there will be a 3% fee



Helpful Documents

Quick Tips!

Wash and Iron Clothing – Launder and iron your clothing so it smells and looks better on the hanger. Presentation is everything! Ironing could be a pain but you will ultimately make more if you take the time to iron the things that need it

Pair Items Together – Pair items that look good together. Try to pair the same size top and bottom of the same brand. You can even put together an outfit from different brand names as long as they look good together. This is the time where you can be creative, release your inner fashionista!

Organize your Items – Sort your clothing items by size to help you be consistent in pricing. Clothing sizes under 12 months (newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9- 12) do not sell well so try to limit them. If you have too much of those sizes, you can divide and sell them in separate sale events

Package Loose Items – Secure small or loose items together in a Ziploc bag and safety pin or tape the bag to a larger piece of the set. Attach the manual or product description/specification for the toys or other items you selling if they are present. Use a Ziploc bag to secure

Helpful Links!

Supplies to Consign

Note: The below contains affiliate links to Amazon to make purchasing easy, but you are not required to use the items linked.

Hangers – You can get FREE Hangers from us! These hangers are given out on a first come basis so check early to see if they are still available. You can also check with your local cleaners. Of course, they can be purchased too. We accept any type of hanger but prefer wire as they take up less space on the racks.
** Remember: You will NOT get the hangers back that were used to hang your donated or sold items.

Safety Pins or Tagging Gun– If you have lots of clothes to consign, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing a tagging gun (it is easy to use and will save you a ton of time). Check out Ebay or Amazon if you are in the market for one! Make sure you are tagging the items in the correct place to avoid putting holes in your items. ***Check out the How to Hang and Tag page for more information!

Clear Mailing Tape – You will need to tape any Ziploc bags shut. Tape is also used to attach the tag to bags. PLEASE DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE!

Ziploc Bags – Used to contain smaller items, small pieces, etc.

White Card Stock – needed for printing tags.
*** DO NOT PRINT ON REGULAR PRINTER PAPER! It is too thin and often rips off the clothing while on the racks.

Zip Ties – You will need these to secure 2 or more hangers together (for outfits) or for shoes.

Optional Items

Paper Cutter – If you have a lot of tags to cut out, a paper cutter will make your life a lot easier!

Dreft Scent Beads – Everyone loves a great smelling item!

Cleaning Supplies
The following are just tips that have worked for me. Please make sure that each product is suitable for the material you are cleaning before you start.

OxyClean – perfect for grass stains, formula or spit up stains

Zout – good for set-in stains.

Spot Shot – a carpet cleaner, but it can be used to remove ground-in dirt on fabrics (especially strollers, highchairs, etc.) Please allow plenty of time for the item to ‘air out’ after cleaning.

Super Clean– “aka Purple Power” -a cleaner used to clean car interiors. Works great on stains, grease etc. on car seats and other fabrics. Find this in the automotive cleaning section.

Goop – good for getting out grease.

Biz or Bleach – perfect for soaking shoelaces

Rubbing Alcohol – try using it to remove permanent marker stains

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – removes scuff marks from plastic toys making them look like NEW!

Goo Gone – removes stickers or adhesive



How much will you make?!

60% of your Sales

Consign & Volunteer

4 Hours: 65% of your Sales

8 Hours: 70% of your Sales